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 RPG IV Limitations Empty RPG IV Limitations

Post  Archana K on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:53 pm

Like all high-level languages, RPG has a set of restrictions. RPG IV has fewer limitations than previous versions of RPG.

AN/OR (positions 7 to 8 of Calc spec)
No limit

Array elements
32,767 per array/table

Arrays and tables
No limit

Compile-time array or table length
100 positions

Data structure length
65,535 positions for named data structures 9,999,999 for unnamed data structures

Data structure occurrences
32,767 per data structure

Edit word length
Literal: 24 positions Named Const: 115 positions

Field length
Char: 65,535 positions; Numeric: (31, 30)

Field name
4,096 characters

Files (open files per program)
No limit (actually 32767)

File key length
2,000 positions

Lines per page (program-described)
Minimum of 2; maximum of 255

Lines per page (externally described)
Minimum of 1; maximum of 255

Matched fields (combined length)
256 positions

Named constants
Char: 1024 positions; Numeric: (31, 30)

Nested IF, DOxxx, SELECT, FOR groups
100 levels

255 program to program; 399 to procedures

Primary files
1 per program

Printer files
No limit (8 standard overflow indicators available)

Program Status Data Structure
1 per program

Record address files (ADDROUT)
1 per program

Record format length
99,999 positions (system limit is)

Spacing and skipping printed output
0 to 255 lines

32,767 per program

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