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 Debug a batch program Empty Debug a batch program

Post  Archana K on Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:09 pm

Debug a batch program

1. You will need to know what jobq the job will be running in so you can hold the
jobq. Hold that job queue.

2. Submit the job that needs the debug.

3. Display the jobq to get the job name, user and job number. (debug job)

4. Issue the command STRSRVJOB and F4. Enter the debug job information and
press enter.

5. Issue the STRDBG command and F4 to enter the debug job information.

6. Release the jobq.

7. When the job start's to run a message will appear on the session that you
entered the STRSRVJOB command.

8. Press F10 and at the command line enter your ADDBKP command.

9. To resume after the break points are entered press F3 and when back on the
message press enter.
This will allow the job to run in batch and will act like the interactive version

10. When the job ends remember to ENDDBG and ENDSRVJOB.

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