Exposing a CICS "COBOL DB2 Code" as a webservice

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Exposing a CICS "COBOL DB2 Code" as a webservice

Post  kasthuri on Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:28 pm

As part of a POC we have exposed a CICS "Cobol DB2 code" as a webservice. The code is getting invoked on request through the transaction CPIH. The code is calling another module where it fails on first DB2 hit with -922.

To resolve the same I have provided the approach to create the WSDL file and WSBIND file with new transaction name that will be defined in CICS with new RCT entry and PCT same as that of CPIH.

This I have done seeing that after -922 we may again hit -805 problem. Thinking this we have gone ahead with user defined transaction then both problem may be resolved. We are yet to test the approach.

Can anyone say that we are on right track or there is another way round with CIPH transaction itself.


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