How to get PC's IP address?

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 How to get PC's IP address? Empty How to get PC's IP address?

Post  Archana K on Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:28 pm

Use the API QDCRDEVD (Retrieve Device Description) API to retrieve a PC's IP address.

D RtvIpAdr PR 20a
D Device 10a CONST
D I_Net_Adr S 16a
D Device 244 253
* Retrieve IP Address
C Eval I_Net_Adr = RtvIpAdr(Device)
C Eval I_Net_Adr = %trim(I_Net_Adr)

C I_Net_Adr Dsply
C Eval *Inlr = *On
* RtvIpAdr - Subprocedure To Retrieve PC's IP Address
P RtvIpAdr B Export
D RtvIpAdr PI 20A
D Inp_Device 10A Const
D Apierr DS
D Bytprv 1 4B 0 Inz(216)
D Bytavl 5 8B 0 Inz
D Errid 9 15A Inz
D Rsvd 16 16A Inz
D Errdta 17 216A Inz
D Net_Address S 20A INZ
D Format S 8A Inz('DEVD0600')
D Rcvar S 5000A Inz
D Varlen S 4B 0 Inz(5000)
C Eval Device = Inp_Device
C Parm Rcvar
C Parm Varlen
C Parm Format
C Parm Device
C Parm Apierr
C If BytAvl = 0
C Eval Net_Address = %Subst(Rcvar:877:16)
C Endif
C Return Net_Address
P RtvIpAdr E

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