Dynamically increasing Array size?

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Dynamically increasing Array size? Empty Dynamically increasing Array size?

Post  kasthuri on Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:31 pm

I am changing a cobol program to PL/1 program and I came across this problem.

01 A.
05 B
OCCURS 1 TO 20000

The Cobol program has an array where the length of the array is increased as per the need during the run time . i.e when an input message is read the value of X is incremented by 1 and the input msg copied on to the array(which essentially means that we are not preallocating fixed amount of memory to the array ).
Please can you let me know if we have a corresponding PL/1 implementation.
Tried googling but didnt find any thing.
Any help much appreciated.


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