Calling B92 from REXX

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Calling B92 from REXX Empty Calling B92 from REXX

Post  kasthuri on Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:11 pm

Hi - I have been playing with this for an hour and just going round in circles.
We have a utility program that pulls some stats from B92.
At the moment it's in a clumsy JCL proc with a mass of wraparound but the actual invocation is...
// PARM=('S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00','PGM=B92BFJBR')

I am trying to wrap it all together by imbedding this call inside a REXX wrapper.
Normally one would call a program as:
pgm = BSS01RFF
prm = ???
ADDRESS TSO "CALL *("STRIP(pgm")" prm,"T")

but assigning the prm value is causing me grief. Any suggestions?!
My last attempt gave me...
8 *-* pgm = 'BSS01RFF'
>L> "BSS01RFF"
9 *-* p1 = "'S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00'"
>L> "'S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00'"
10 *-* p2 = "'PGM=B92BFJBR'"
>L> "'PGM=B92BFJBR'"
11 *-* parms = p1","p2
>V> "'S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00'"
>L> ","
>O> "'S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00',"
>V> "'PGM=B92BFJBR'"
>O> "'S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00','PGM=B92BFJBR'"
12 *-* ADDRESS TSO "CALL *(BSS01RFF)" p1","p2
>L> "CALL *(BSS01RFF)"
>V> "'S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00'"
>O> "CALL *(BSS01RFF) 'S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00'"
>L> ","
>O> "CALL *(BSS01RFF) 'S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00',"
>V> "'PGM=B92BFJBR'"
>O> "CALL *(BSS01RFF) 'S=92,B01LST=00,B92LST=00','PGM=B92BFJBR'"
+++ RC(12) +++



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