Mismatch in QMF and COBOL results

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Mismatch in QMF and COBOL results Empty Mismatch in QMF and COBOL results

Post  kasthuri on Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:56 am


I have a field 'PREF_NAME' in a table defined CHAR(40). The table has data for 'PREF_NAME' and it has some junk characters also.

QMF Result:
Select PREF_NAME from TAB1 resulted below value:
Blaze Vran~ois

COBOL Result: the same query results when extracted into a file it has the below value:
Blaze Vran ois

Can someone explain what is causing the issue here. Even the values which we saw after HEX ON in file(COBOL) & QMF are different.



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