Policies and Control Group in BRMS

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Policies and Control Group in BRMS Empty Policies and Control Group in BRMS

Post  Archana K on Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:48 pm

The backup, archive, retrieve, and recovery functions are managed and
controlled by policies and control groups. Policies establish the actions and
assumptions used during processing. BRMS/400 is delivered with predefined
policies that you can review and change as necessary to meet your system
processing requirements.

Control groups define logical groups of libraries and objects that possess similar
backup, retention, and recovery requirements. In addition to allowing you to
define the order in which backup, archive, and recovery processing occurs,
control groups also provide for special related actions such as tape loads,
processing subsystems, and job queues. Control groups provide exits for
user-defined processing during the backup cycle.

BRMS comes with three "default" groups -
*BKUGRP to back up all user data,
*SYSGRP to back up all system data, and
*SYSTEM to back up the entire box.

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